Can I start over? A campaign update

published15 days ago
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I want to share a little bit about where my head is at currently, and what my plans are moving forward.

So, we are not remotely close to our goal on Kickstarter and the campaign ends tomorrow. Through this whole process, I've come to realize that Kickstarter may have been the wrong way to go for this type of campaign at this stage for myself as a music artist. But I did learn a ton and am ready to make some course corrections!

Also, and I really didn't see this coming, but it turns out a lot of people have no idea what Kickstarter is or how it works! I found myself explaining this platform over and over again.

Therefore, it is for this reason (and others) that I would like to take a different approach. I'm launching a GoFundMe (which seems to be more of a household name), which will allow me to set a primary goal due to the nature of how GoFundMe works where I get anything people are willing to give, regardless of if the goal is met, and I'm also able to set the goal at a lower amount because they take less of a cut than Kickstarter. For these reasons, I'm able to explain what I am capable of doing at different monetary amounts so everyone understands what their support is going towards.

I'm simplifying to make it as straightforward as possible with no listed rewards (other than a physical album to everyone who gives), I will say for those of you who will give $100 or more, I'm willing to include some of the rewards that were offered in the kickstarter, depending on how much we can raise. (I'd love to know which rewards appealed to you the most from this campaign if you're willing to offer than info!)

I'll be announcing the GoFundMe tomorrow on social media, but if you made a pledge on Kickstarter and would like to take your pledge amount over to the new campaign, or didn’t get a chance to give yet and would like to, you can do so here:

Know that your monetary support on GoFundMe is truly a gift, and not just a gift only if I make my goal. So you're supporting SOMETHING happening one way or another, and I will certainly keep you in the loop through the whole process.

I hope you will continue the support you've shown me thus far and help me by going to my new campaign page and help me get a head start before I tell the world tomorrow. If everyone donates what they pledged and on Kickstarter, then my first level goal is already almost met!

Thanks again! Honestly it truly means the world that I had 30 of you willing to put your money where your mouth is and show your support for my passion and dreams. It's a rare thing to have that kind of support, and the significance of that is not lost on me. Though I didn't make the goal, I've felt an incredible amount of love through this process thanks to you.

Anyway, I'll wrap this up. Sorry for the long email.

One way or another, we're gonna do something amazing. I'm ready. Let's make this happen!

- Cody

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