A Brief Update

publishedabout 1 month ago
1 min read

Hey friend,

I’ll keep this short and sweet. It seems we’ve officially plateaued on the Kickstarter at just 10%. With only about two and a half weeks left, I’m pushing as hard as I can to get the word out.

A friend who ran a successful Kickstarter recently told me they got to the LAST DAY of their campaign and someone said to him they didn’t even know he was doing a Kickstarter, despite him posting 4 times a day for over a month. And that person was the reason they made their goal in the final hours!

So I’m doing my best to stay vigilant in getting the word out and give as many opportunities to get your support as I can.

So if you’ve ever supported what I do and want to help me make my dream a reality, this is THE chance to make that happen.

Go HERE to be taken to the campaign page. I’m more passionate than ever to make this dream come true, but I can’t do it without you!


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